The name of the incorporated Alliance is “Alliance of Tegaru Communities in Australia and New Zealand” (ATCAN). The EA (East Asia) indicates for a wing(subordinate communities in East Asia particularly in China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan which work with ATCAN. 

ATCAN works towards building strong relationship among different communities in Australia, New Zealand and East Asia. The organization also welcomes and cooperates to working with other organizations, particularly in securing the benefits of its member communities and Tigray in general.  

Due to the unprecedented siege on the people of Tigray by the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments, these days, the main focus of ATCAN is in resource mobilization and advocacy for the people of Tigray.   

What we do

  • To provide social, educational and poltical opportunities for Tegaru communities in Australia and New Zealand
  • To promot unity amongst Tegaru in Australia and new Zealand
  • To build strong relationship and partnership with stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Mobilize resources from federal, state and local government, and private sources to pursue its mission
  • To provide a platfrom for efficient communication for all Tegaru communities at all levels
  • To advocate for Tegaru communities in Australia and New Zealand
  • To coordinate and provide capacity building activities to member associations
  • To promote Tigray culture and history to the children members of the communities as well as the wider Australia and New Zealand community


It is an alliance of Tigrayan communities in Australia, New Zealand and recently ATCAN looks after its wing communities in East Asia (China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan)

ATCAN’s head quarter is in Melbourne Australia and Currently it is chaired by Mr. Mulugeta Demoz.

Our Main focus

Resource mobilization

Our community works day and night to collect and distribute resources from Australia, New Zealand, and East Asia. The resources can be in physical, monetary or intellectual assets. ATCAN also welcomes working with other youth, women, or advocacy organizations.


ATCAN works to promote the network of Tegaru communities in Austarlia, New Zealand and East Asia. ATCAN hosts culture shows, festivals and other methods to connect local communities and to build strong relationship among them.

Protest against injustice

The communities in Australia, New Zealand and East Asia strongly condemn the unjust and inhuman siege imposed on the people of Tigray. ATCAN, along with other organizations works in organizing and leading protests and rallies.

Do you live in Australia, New Zealand, or East Asia (South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan)?

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The Asia Pacific chapter of the Global Society of Tigrayan Scholars (GSTS-AP) and Alliance of Tigrayan Communities in Australia and New Zealand (ATCAN) have been vocal in raising awareness, calling for action to stop the genocidal war, and fundraising to avert deaths due to the man-made famine and medical siege. As part of these interventions, GSTS-AP and ATCAN are organising a consultative set of lectures aiming at crowdsourcing ideas and support for immediate, mid-, and long-term solutions to the multi-pronged and complex consequences of the genocidal war. In this document, we have briefly presented the status of five themes sectors (see figure 1) prior and since the war started, its immediate and long-term impacts, endogenous and exogenous efforts done so far to address the impacts on each of the selected themes.